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bar at the waldorf. good night, america, from new york! [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute chris: next on "special report," could it be the light at the end of the tun? opponents of healthcare reform hope to make a difference by making waves at town hall meetings a ray of hope for u.s. efforts against the taliban as one of its most notorious figures is cut down, and the gay community is disappointed with president obama. all that, the fox all-stars and the fry die lightning round. "special report" starts now. welcome to washington. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. president obama greeted better than expected unemployment numbers today saying the worst
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may be behind us, but senior white house correspondent major garrett reports no one, including the president, is getting carried away with the news. >> today we are pointed in the right direction. >> the president said so even though the white house still believes unemployment will rise to 10% by the end of the year t fell to 9.4% after the economy lost 247,000 jobs in july. the economy lost 741,000 jobs in january and the president, digging into his bag of metaphors said not so bad is pretty good. >> we have sart been in are a decline but we are turning this economy around. i am convinced that we can see a light at end of the tunnel. >> economists called some of the jobs data encouraging. >> the economy did not shrink ras it did the past two months. instead, it stay the about the same. earnings were not as flat as they were the last couple of months. they rose slightly.
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these are all positive signs. >> some might wonder how can a quarter million americans lose their jobs and the unemployment rates still fall? the labor department removed nearly 800,000 workers from its labor force number. why? because they no longer looking for jobs. >> we don't want that to happen. we want the labor force to be growing. >> had these workers been counted, the unemployment rate would have been 9.8 p%. a former bush administration labor economist said dropping these workers from the labor force totals is not unusual, and it's not designed to mask true jobless data. >> it's not a mask because the labor department counts the number of people who say they're in the workforce and looking for work, and when people are doctors couraged, then they drop out of the labor force. >> in july, construction jobs fell 76,000. retail, 44,000, manufacturing, 32,000, and professional and business services, 38,000. one sector, autos, gained
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28,000 jobs. >> it is the least bad day we have had in a while. we are still losing jobs. i'm waiting for the day we hit zero and start adding jobs. >> so is the rest of the country but the white house economic team says it's unlike the u.s. economy will be adding jobs on a net monthly basis for months and months. in other money matters, the congressional budget office report a ten-month federal budget deficit is now $1.3 trillion, even though we haven't hit a full fiscal year, larger than the combined yearly federal deficits for the last four years. chris: unbelievable. on another issue, i understand the president couldn't wait to sign the extension for the cash for clunkers program today. >> that's right, you have heard of zero to 60 in four seconds, well we got the equivalent of that today. the president signed it at 9:40 eastern time, about 12 hours after the senate passed that. it was easy to get the ledge laying over here quickly because it was only one page.
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the website site didn't need to have it on the internet for five days because it was already existing law. chris: thank you, major. the dowr was up 114. the s&p 500 gained 13 1/2, and the nasdaq finished 27 ahead. , well, the furor over rowdy public reaction to healthcare reform is leading to harsh rhetoric on both sides, even comparisons to history's darkest times. correspondent james rosen with the continuing chronicles of those tumultuous town halls. democratic congresswoman kathy castor of tampa, florida became the latest glad kuwaiter to face the lions in the coliseum of healthcare reform. tempers flared when doors closed on most of the 1,500 who tried to attend. one man's shirt was riped are after she reaffirmed her
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support for a public healthcare plan. >> don't do it! >> in st. louis county, kenneth gladdeny was cursed and thrown to the ground at a forum on aging featuring russ carnaghan. police arrested six people for suspicion of assault, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. even the aarp, the powerful retirees lobby is, enduring a summer of discontent. >> you're not going to the meeting then i will just continue. >> do you work for us or we work for you? >> senator claire mccaskill urged everyone to chill, my word, not hers. >> i hope everybody takes a deep breath, quits yelling, both sides. >> the senate's number two democrat claimed the insurance industry is jamming up the protests. >> they want a little clip on youtube to disrupt a town meeting and to sell the congressman running for his car. that doesn't help. >> it was in the late '60's that authorities first found themselves disrupted by mobs,
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guerilla theater and forms of protest developed by the anti-war left. fox news contributor juan williams is one of the foremost chroniclers of the era. >> these are tactics of the left. these are track ticks that the left created. they are the generators of these very tactic, and so now that other people are adopting these techniques, they are portrayed as out of line and not patriotic. >> the hippies labeled nixon a fascist, an and they are charges still flying around like rocks in the modern day starting with house speaker nancy pelosi tuesday. >> its was a sound meeting on healthcare. >> there are far more similarities between nancy pelosi and adolf hitler than these people showing up at town halls. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs today called for an end to these dueling charges of naziism, saying
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anytime you make references to what happened in germany in the 'p 0's and '40's, an event that has no equivalent, they're on thin ice and best not deployed. chris: james, thank you. as the president's poll numbers slide, there are growing questions about how much influence he will have on this fall's elections. wendell goler reports on the president's coattails. >> barack obama was the first democratic presidential candidate to carry virginia in 44 years, but experts say his push to give virginians their third democratic governor in a row is another long shot. >> it's the best indicator of who will win in virginia. >> president obama repriseed his message from last year's campaign. >> we will try to bring people together rather than push them a apart. >> but added the complaint
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that he has made since entering the white house that the white house saddled him with the worst recession in decades. >> i don't mind cleaning up after them, but don't do a lot of talking. >> he leads mcdonald by eight points but mcdonald's lead is twice that among independents and republicans are giving him a national platform with this saturday's radio address. president obama's job approval rating has fallent o 56 p% in the latest gallup polls, and 49 in the rasmussen, not a good sign that the democrats will break the 32-year virginia governor's trend. >> we have learned that love matters a lot less than hate and disaing a -- and disagreement with a president resonates with the people in the opposite party. >> jon corzine is 14 points behind his republican challenger, former u.s. attorney chris christie. christie had a double digit lead even before the arrests last month of dozens of new
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jersey officials an and political operatives after an investigation christie himself initiated. >> corzine is enormously unpopular in new jersey. the republicans picked exactly the right candidate to carry the anti-corruption message in chris scris sty, and so there, it's much less of a referendum on barack obama. >> president obama's 200-day job approval rating is about the same as george bush's was but that says nothing about their political coattails or the likely success of their presidency. george h.w. bush had the highest job approval rating and bill clinton the lowest 200 days into their presidency. wendell goler, fox news. chris: in other political news, florida republican senator mel martinez is resigning. he made the announcement in orlando, citing a desire to return to his family in florida. he had earlier said he would not run for re-election next year. republican governor charlie
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crist will name his replace many. crist was already running to replace martinez but says he will not appoint himself. and new york democratic congresswoman caroline maloney says she will not run for the senate next year. maloney had considered challenging incumbent kirsten gillibrand who was appointed when hillary clinton became secretary of state. democratic leaders, including president obama, have tried to discourage potential challengers to gillibrand. a powerful democrat who resisted efforts to make public records about sweetheart loan deals for colleagues apparently got one himself. and what's next for the taliban after the depghts of one of its top leaders? introducing new tums dual action. this tums goes to work in seconds and lasts for hours. all day or night. new tums dual action. bring it on.
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chris: one of p america's and pakistan's most wanted is assumed dead and taliban leaders are looking for a replacement.
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national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports on the apparent end of the line for one especially brutal terrorist. >> he was pakistan's usama bin laden, and he is shown here in one of the few known photos where you can see his face. responsible, according to u.s. intelligence intercepts, for the 2007 assassination of former pakistani prime minister benazir bhutto. he was suspected of ork straighting this earlier bombing on her convoy after she returned from her exile to run for re-election shortly after landing in ka rashy. suicide bombers were believed behind last summer's bombing at the marriott. pakistani officials confirmed the assassination. >> according to my information, this is true and he has been taken out. >> this taliban commander spoke to his family. >> his four aides and his wife were also killed.
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>> by a precision-guided 500-pound bomb by a drone and with human intelligence provided by the pakistanis, u.s. intelligence officials say there is a high probability he is dead and now are waiting for phone intercepts from the tribal areas confirming his successor. among those being watched, this man shown here and three others from the tribe. this former spokesman for pakistan's military fled to the u.s. when his family was threatened by the bombers. >> a suicide bomber was sent to my place, and they have been sending me threatening letters to kill me. >> the pentagon and white house say they don't have d.n.a. evidence masood was killed. >> we can't, with 100% certainty verify that. >> but fox has learned a national security meeting was called at the white house tomorrow to determine how to engage the pakistanis after this strike, to ensure that the pakistani army doesn't shy
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away from efforts it has begun to make into south warastan on the border with afghanistan, and then there is how this affects the search for bin laden. one intelligence head says it will free the predator assets to continue looking for him. others say this is a significant step forward in intelligence sharing with the pakistanis that down the road could lead to eventually getting the man that the c.i.a. simply refers to as number one. chris: jennifer griffin reporting for the pentagon. thanks for that. by the way, national security advisor general james jones is my guest this week on fox news sunday. we will ask him about the situation in pakistan and bill clinton's trip to north korea. check local listings for when we're on in your area. three brittish power troopers and an americans service member were killed in taliban attacks today in afghanistan. 19 coalition troops have died
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in just the first week of august after at least 75 were killed in july. tonight, correspondent greg palkot rides along with marines through one of the most dangerous parts of that country. >> solemn words from the marine chaplain in helmand province. >> we watch that you -- we ask that you watch over this convoy. >> for good reason, these marines are driving into taliban country, driving a convoy to a new post in a northern town. >> do your part and make sure that everyone comes back. hoorah. >> hoorah! >> all told, there were 41 vehicles in the convoy. to avoid taliban roadside bombs, they must travel offroad across the searing hot helmand desert, dubbed the desert of death. the 60-mile ride can turn into a 20-hour

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